Cells+Tissuebank Austria

Magnesitstraße 1, 3500 Krems an der Donau
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Safety and Quality
Our transplants are manufactured to the highest quality standards.
Tailored to individual requirements and a variety of indications.
Health and mobility. Many bone diseases can nowadays be cured with bone allografts. With your donor you can make a difference. 

Mission | Cells + Tissuebank Austria (C+TBA) is a non-profit organisation dedicated to the removal, processing, and supply of allogeneic transplants of highest safety and quality. C+TBA builds the bridge between donor centres and distributors as well as clinical users to ensure the best possible supply of musculoskeletal tissues to patients throughout Europe.

Quality and safety | C+TBA is a tissue bank and donation centre approved by the Austrian Federal Office for Safety in Health Care.

Allogeneic transplants of C+TBA have been recognised by authorities in Switzerland (Swissmedic) and France (ANSM) and approved in Germany (PEI) in accordance with §25 of the German Drug Law (AMG). In most other European countries, C+TBA’s products can be put on the market on the basis of the Austrian approval.

C+TBA’s quality management system meets the GMP requirements regarding clean-room conditions, personnel qualification, documentation, and production flows.

“Jointly building bridges!

Together with tissue donors, donation centres, distributors and attending physicians, we provide human allografts of top quality and safety to ensure the best possible patient care:

This is our goal."

Martin Hennes